Patricia W. (USA)

“Karen was always ready to listen and address our questions. She has a warm friendly way of connecting with us. I am a bit sad that I didn’t get to meet her in person.

Maningo was most pleasant. I never felt I couldn’t ask a question. He was keen at spotting game and giving details about most any wildlife situation. He provided a reference guide that was fascinating. He drove carefully and respectfully not only of his passengers but also of the environment. He found a school for us to visit in spite of the examinations that made a visit to the public school unavailable.

Nasibu was great. He was patient, attentive to our pace of hiking, and informative. Felt very comfortable with him.

Raymond was with us a short time on the return and again, I commend your organization for having outstanding staff members

The itinerary was perfect. We had hikes at just the right time. Visits to 2 different homes were interspersed to give variety and insight anticipation for the next move.”

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