Nature Walks/Hikes

Location: Nyungwe Forest National Park, Volcanoes National Park

Duration: Several Hours

With the ample opportunities to view some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, there is no question that there are equally ample chances to explore more intimately some of Africa’s natural spaces through guided nature walks. Nyungwe National Park boosts over 130km of color-coded walking trails ranging from a leisurely 2km stroll through the forest on the Buhoro Trail, to a 10km trek up steep forested slopes on the Imbaraga Trail. While it’s not guaranteed hikers will spot the famous chimpanzee or Colobus monkey while on these hikes, it’s quite likely one of the 13 species of primates that habituate the rainforest will be spotted.

The most advanced hike (one of the few treks that leaves from the Gisakura side of the park) is on the Waterfall Trail which takes 4-6 hours to complete. Some may argue the challenge of the most challenging hike is entirely worth it as hikers experience a diverse range of landscapes from tea plantations to deep forests culminating with a remote waterfall. Hikers are encouraged to take a shallow swim if they wish. Hiking in Nyungwe also offers visitors the chance to try out the region’s new and only suspended canopy walkway. The adventurous can walk on top of the rainforest amongst the tree line for 160 meters at times 60km above the ground, giving those daring enough to do it, a truly unique perspective of the beautiful Nyungwe Forest.

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