“I thought Norbert was great, really passionate about the country and the wildlife. He was a great escort around the country.”

Tom N. (Canada/USA)

“It met our expectations. We went to Rwanda to see gorillas.”

Helen H. (USA)

“Just as with Access 2 Tanzania this portion of our trip was planned perfectly! Our guide, Norbert, was there to pick us up from the airport and from then on was in charge of everything.”

Rhonda G. (USA)

“Amazing! Overall, extremely happy with the tour – especially my guide, Tim M, and my driver!”

Christopher T. (USA)

“Absolutely fantastic! We had the best possible team (Norbert and driver Valence) who made our trip completely amazing! From the moment they met us at the airport after we arrived to the moment we passed through security at the airport on the way home, they were always there making sure everything was perfect! Norbert took a personal interest in our family, and shared so much with us about the country.”

Gary G. (USA)

“Excellent service!”

Karina R. (USA)

“They did a great job in executing the plans that had been laid out.”

Ray L. (USA)


Jill W. (USA)

“Excellent Service”

Rosanne R. (Canada)

“Phenomenal Experience – The trip was above our expectations, and Tim was the best guide we could have asked for. Casey was very professional, and helped us to feel very comfortable with our first trip to Africa.”

Brian B. (USA)
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