People 2 Meet

Around a campfire or at afternoon tea – Rwandans will capture your admiration and your imagination.

You will return with fond memories of the Rwandan people just as much as the amazing gorillas. Expand your experience through village and town visits or be welcomed into a typical Rwandan home through home visits and home stays. Your guide will make it easy and comfortable to interact with the friendly and welcoming Rwandan people.

We plan cultural visits so that you feel completely comfortable, but leave room for spontaneity. Your guide will provide language and cultural translations every step of the way.

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Give Back Program

Rwandans have quite a unique and special day amongst their national celebrations. On the last Saturday of each month, Rwandans participate in Umuganda, which translates to “community service”. It’s a time when all community members come together to participate in volunteer work and build community at a local and national level. With the “Give Back” program you have the opportunity to give back like the locals do. We will help you find a community project (teaching, caring, building, etc.) that makes use of your resources, skills, experiences and/or interests. — … Read More

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Home Visits and Home Stays

Enjoy true Rwandan hospitality. Meet an everyday Rwandan family. Tour the house (where they cook, sleep, get water, and eat) as they explain their daily routine and show you where they grow food and keep livestock. If you like, have a soda or tea, visit local shops, visit the children’s school, or just swap stories with the help of a translator.   Azizi Life In Gitarama, on the road from Huye to Kigali, Azizi Life gives visitors the chance to experience rural Rwanda firsthand. At the start of the day, … Read More

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Cultural Visits

Intore Dance Troupe (Huye) Music and dance play a central role in Rwandan life, be it ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings or storytelling. The most famous is the traditional Intore dance style which has men and women singing, dancing and drumming in a choreographed vibrant and lively combination. The style is one of the oldest kind of dance in Africa and has performance roots dating back to the courts of the Rwandan Mwami (kings). Where to see it? Intore Dance Performance at the National Museum of Rwanda in Huye “Storytelling” Meals … Read More

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Village and Town Visits

Unexpected discoveries and local perspectives. How do everyday Tanzanians shop, socialize, work and live? We will plan part of the visit, but you, with the help of your guide can improvise the rest. Choose from the following activities or others that might arise: attending special events visiting a local school or health clinic having tea or a meal with a Tanzanian family visiting a local development project, or visiting the local markets Visiting a Rwandan Village Market If you are interested in the arts then you may want to explore some … Read More

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