Cultural Visits

Intore Dance Troupe (Huye)

Music and dance play a central role in Rwandan life, be it ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings or storytelling. The most famous is the traditional Intore dance style which has men and women singing, dancing and drumming in a choreographed vibrant and lively combination. The style is one of the oldest kind of dance in Africa and has performance roots dating back to the courts of the Rwandan Mwami (kings).

Where to see it?

Intore Dance Performance at the National Museum of Rwanda in Huye

“Storytelling” Meals (Musanze)

An interesting alternative and a memorable night out are the storytelling meals. The idea is to bring together inquisitive tourists and community members who can exchange ideas and questions over the course of a local meal.

Centre Cesar Community Center (Kigali)

The widows in the Kimironko area of Kigali make hand-woven baskets and profits are reinvested to provide the women and their children with services such as a preschool. Visitors can see the women making the beaded handicrafts and visit the children at the preschool.










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