Laura C. (Canada)

“We were immediately impressed by our travel consultant Casey. He was able to not only answer questions pertaining to the services offered by Access but also best practices, expectations, and opinions. As we were not very knowledgeable on where to stay and what to visit at this time, Casey was extremely knowledgeable when it came time to helping us with decisions about when to book the Safari, where to stay and what our expectations could be. This was a perfect first impression.

We met our guide Musa in the Serengenti and we were immediately at ease by how friendly he was and how important it was to him that we were comfortable and had our expectations met. The car we rode in for our 4 day trip was in perfect condition, always equipped with water, electrical outlets also for phones and cameras. Musa was EXTREMELY knowledgeable with fun facts about the animals and was always quick to answer any questions we had.

While our Safari was only 4 days, we felt that it was more than enough time to get the best experience and it was thanks to Access that we made that decision.”

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