Rwanda Guide: Tim Mutijima

Safari Guide

Lovely Rwanda

Our guide was Tim. I also met Norbert while in country and he was extremely welcoming and friendly. Tim did an amazing job!

Gorilla trek exceeded anything I had envisioned

Our guide was Tim. I thought Tim was excellent. He had a lot of insight as to the culture of Rwanda and was a great source of information regarding the genocide that took place in 1994. He was very polite, obviously well-educated, and took care of our every need. John was his driver and we were very happy with him as well.

Review of Tim

Roger was our guide for the actual gorilla trek and Tim was our guide during most of our time in Rwanda. Both were excellent. Below – I’m rating Tim since we spent most of our time with him. I can’t say enough about Tim. He really was one of the best guides we’ve ever had. His english was excellent, he taught us a ton about Rwanda, and was so attentive to our needs. He really made our experience that much better.


Our guide was Tim. He did a great job.


Tim was our guide. He was very professional and helpful.

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