Rwanda Guide: Tim Mutijima

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Perfect Short Trip

10/10 – excellent

Rwandan dreams

Our guide was Tim, but he’s not on the above list. We LOVED Tim and plan to visit again and use him as our guide. His love of his job and country was obvious and infectious! He knew so much about the country and was willing to do whatever we wanted/needed. He took us to local stores to help us shop for various things that we wanted–even late at night after a long drive back to Kigali from gorilla trekking (I was able to buy some lovely teas that I … Read More

Great trip to Rwanda

We had a great time travelling through Rwanda with Tim.

Fantastic mountain experiences

I really Liked Tim’s good nature. He was very knowledgeable about all things Rwanda and was very punctual, friendly, informative and patient with all of our questions and concerns. Just a real nice guy!! I would endorse him without question!!

Amazing adventure in a beautiful country

Tim was a very friendly, sociable and knowledgeable guide. His knowledge of the history, culture and current state of Rwanda made for some very interesting and engaging conversations. His obvious passion and natural warmth made him a great companion on our trip.

Mind-blowing experience of a lifetime!

Tim is an excellent guide. He is very friendly and personable, and was always concerned with our comfort and satisfaction. He provided a wealth of information on the history, people, and culture of Rwanda and its flora and fauna. He was a great friend to have on our expedition. Knowledge of wildlife did not really come into play, as our guides for the gorilla and golden monkey treks were park guides. Tim also displayed great driving skills, particularly along some pretty tricky roadways. I recommend Tim with highest confidence, and … Read More

Review of tim-mutijima

Tim did a good job of showing us around Kigali and driving us to Kinigi and managing the gorilla trek. We especially liked the way he explained the backstory of the 1994 genocide in the Belgian memorial in Kigali. He took the time to patiently explain the history, took our questions and answered them very well. That was the highlight of our time with Tim. He was flexible and catered to our interests. On our last day we wanted to buy a book, and he called folks and took us … Read More

Beautiful Rwanda

Tim was our primary guide, and Norbert guided us on the last day. We enjoyed getting to know Tim. He was knowledgeable, kind, and a fabulous guide. We always felt safe and he went out of his way to make sure we getting the best experience possible. Norbert was great also. They both have such passion for their county and commitment to preserving the beauty of the habitat. Tim was so helpful in preparing us and we felt very taken care of.

Father / Son trip of a lifetime

Tim was a fantastic guide for our 5 days in Rwanda. First, he is a gentleman — mature, well spoken, thoughtful, calm, patient. This was valuable for us as new travelers to Rwanda…since the culture is so different. We felt safe and well cared for at all times. Second, he is knowledgeable…about the country, history, culture, people, environment and animals. I did not expect this level of knowledge…and was very impressed with this capabilities. Third, he is fun to spend time with. We had a lot of time together in … Read More

You must go with Treks 2 Rwanda

We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Tim was wonderful. We really felt like we got to learn about the history and culture of Rwanda through Tim. Thank you so much Tim for taking us on this life-changing trip.

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