Rwanda Guide: Emmy Runigamugabo

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Beautiful people, culture, and oh yeah, they have mountain gorillas…

We loved our time with Emmy. He is a world-class gentleman whose love of family and country made our trip incredibly special. I can speak for all of my family, he made an impact on us, especially with Rwanda culture and more specifically, how the country has dealt with the genocide of 1994. We are better people because of him…

Life changing experience in Rwanda

Emmy was truly amazing and inspiring. He was so informative, never missing an opportunity to point out some interesting fact about Rwandan culture or a historical note. He is probably the most polite, gracious person I have ever met. He treated us like royalty and often referred to us as VIP to others which we just thought was funny until he actually got us in to a few places easily and early because of it! On our last day we asked him if he would be comfortable sharing his experiences … Read More

Exceeded Expectations!

We loved spending our days with Emmy! We really clicked with him, and he made it clear that he was there for us and he really did bend over backwards for us. He is so warm and friendly, and openly talked about the Rwanda country and culture. We even taught eachother a few new words in each of our corresponding languages! Knowing that I was concerned about my asthma on the gorilla and monkey treks, he worked his magic to get us in a group with an easier trek. When … Read More

Fantastic experience

Emmy was wonderful. He was very proud to show us around Rwanda and went out of his way to ensure everything was to our liking.

Review of Emmy

Emmy was outstanding. In addition to being a great guide, we appreciated his willingness to share his personal story about the genocide which we asked him about. What a tragedy.

Beautiful Rwanda

Emmy was the kindest human being I have ever met. He went above and beyond with everything.

A Standout Guide and Trip

Emmy was a wonderful guide. He was knowledgeable and great to be with. He made a special effort to give us some extra experiences like goat kebabs (surprisingly delicious!) and a visit to the actual “Hotel Rwanda.” We especially liked his insights into the daily lives of the people in his country. His passion and love for Rwanda was evident and infectious. He took care to point out things we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise and to share information on customs and history.

Sublime Rwanda

At all times a pleasure to travel with. Emmy had a sense of humour and knowledgeable insight into his country’s history.

A true professional

Emmy is a true professional and a truly good person.


We met Norbert (who seemed great), but our real guide was Emmy! Emmy was awesome! So knowledgeable and friendly about everything. He was a pleasure to travel with during the short time we were in Rwanda and would love to see him if/when we go back!

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