“Fabulous! Everything went so smoothly from our first conversation with Karen through being taken to the airport the last night in Arusha. It was all effortless on our part and everyone, Karen, Maningo and all those in the background taking care of things made it absolutely wonderful.”

Lois G. (USA)

“An outstanding company with a strong customer and community focus.”

Karla H. (USA)

“Excellent customer service. Listened to what we were looking for, and customized our trip to meet exactly our needs. Evrything was well above and beyond our expectations.”

Thomas H. (USA)

“Well organized. Very professional”

Kathleen C. (USA)

“Excellent. Very helpful and efficient.”

Elaine U. (USA)

“We were very pleased with A2T. They made every effort to understand and provide to us the experience and type of accommodations we wished to have. Our questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. The trip could not have gone more smoothly.”

Randy M. (USA)

“Excellent. Everything came off precisely as planned. We were never in doubt about anything, and they took great care for our both our enjoyment and our comfort throughout.”

Richard M. (USA)

“Very positive. Well planned and executed trip.”

David F. (Canada)

“Excellent. Professional, prompt, accessible. A 5-star company.”

Joanne H. (USA)

“Very professional and reliable. They provided a wonderful experience overall and vehicles and guides were excellent.”

Penny P. (USA)
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